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1MAN VIDEO HOUSE has extensive experience creating every kind of video for any purpose and in any technique. 1MAN VIDEO HOUSE works closely with its clients to create the best concept for them and match it to their budget, providing a high-quality video that drives their business forward

Conceptual writing- Building a concept with the client to match his requirements and making a script out of it.


Production- Building the production crew and gear to make your dream video come true.


Directing & Shootings- As an award winning filmmaker, will manage the crew and cast and will use all of his creative knowledge to create the best video for your needs.


Post production- With 10 years of experience in editing and After Effects Compositing, you are in good hands.

1MAN expertise:

- Corporate videos

- Music videos

- Tutorials

- Animation

- Stop-motion animation

- Motion graphics

- Showreels

- Directing

- Producing

- Creative Writing

- Editing

- After Effects composing

- News Stories

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